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Corporate Product Launches at Kart World Belmont.

If you are in the market to launch a new product or to re-launch an existing product to your distributors or sales staff look no further than Kart World Belmont. Kart World product launches are a great way for your people to stay at the forefront of industry trends and network with professionals in a particular field.

Companies that are looking for new ways to display their products and promote their services, attract new clients to generate sales, and widen their market reach use Kart World as the perfect venue for just such an event.

The indoor nature of our venue enables and encourages people to mix with each other and to network.

Our location can be customised to suit your needs. Take advantage of the racetrack space to launch your new products and increase the visibility of your brand in your local community.

We also have a fully equipped café area that can be used for meetings and promotions. Not in the action or motor sports industry? No problem, karting is such a unique activity that your people will be talking about it for months after the event. Businesses of all forms and industries enjoy using Kart World as their corporate event destination.

We are conveniently located close to Perth city in Belmont between the airport and the city. This makes Kart World an ideal location for any of your potential customers who are travelling to Perth for your event.

Find Out More About Our Track Pricing & Racing Types:

Ayrton Advantage

Suzuka Sprint

Suzuka Grand Prix

Le Mans


Indy Enduro


Exclusive Track

Enquire now and we can tailor a package to suit you.

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