5 Reasons to take your corporate team-building event to Kart World Belmont

July and The End Of The Financial Year has now passed and so has the ridiculously busy days for the team at Kart World Belmont. June and July is when most of our corporate bookings are made and there are several reasons for this. We decided to ask some of our corporate clients to share with us why they found Kart World such a good place to take their team for team-building events and similar. We chose to share with you the top five reasons;

  1. Go karting suits all different types of people.

There is always a wide range of different types of people within a business. Some hate exercise, some love it, some are shy, some are very outgoing, some like to drink, some don’t drink at all, some are party animals, some like to take it easy. In other words, people are different and like to do different things. The last thing you want to do is put your staff in a position where they have to spend a whole day rolling their eyes and feeling ridiculed. Many organisations take their team to Kart world as they find that Go Karting is entertaining for all different types of people. You don’t have to be a fitness fanatic to join in, your staff can decide themselves how fast to drive the karts, and it is all done in a safe but exhilarating environment!

  1. Your team finally has the chance to beat the boss;

Your team goes day in and day out having to adjust their work to the liking of the Boss, which is fair enough most of the time. At Kart World however, we see the passion in the employees eyes sparkle to life when they realise that they are served an opportunity to finally put the Boss in the corner. Give your employees the chance to shine, it might even bring out their true grit and determination!

  1. We cater for any size team:

Kart World Belmont has a strong track record of success with a range of well-known organisations, large and small. One of the main reasons why businesses keep coming back to Kart World is due to our expertise and drive to make your team building event the best experience it could possibly be. We create fully customised events after your teams needs and we are always happy to try something new! Teams between 8- 64 people can enjoy the pulse-racing competitive karting action on our track. We have had restaurants bringing their staff to the track at 11PM and finishing at 1.30 in the morning, whatever suits you, we can cater for it!

  1. There is time to network and socialise between the races:

Socialising and making friends in the workplace can sometimes be a little awkward and it doesn’t always come natural to everyone. Especially if you are a new employee and want to show that you are an eager worker, spending hours chatting and getting to know your team might not be priority one. However having a team that knows and like each other is extremely important to increase productivity in the office and boost morale. At Kart World Belmont networking is encouraged. When half your team is racing, the other half has the opportunity to get to know each other better while watching their teammate’s race. And what better ice-breaker than a thrilling karting adventure?

  1. Go karting is FUN

Alright this might sound obvious, however for many businesses this does not seem to be prioritised when planning team-building activities. There is nothing worse than taking your team away from work for an hour or two if it doesn’t get your team talking, laughing and pushes them to try something new!  If you want to treat your team with something different, take them down to the track, get them to put the pedal to the metal and let them feel the buzz of exhilarating heats! It always ends up being the water-cooler talk of the month! (And if you want us to capture your event on a short film – we can do that to!)

Check out this short video from the other month when we had a great team on the track. If you want us to create a video for your team, just let us know and we are happy to do it (for FREE).