Driving Levels

A Go Kart for Every Skill Level

Dual Kart – dual seats and steering

Dual seats and two steering wheels – ideal for kids under 10 to join in the go karting fun and ride with an adult. Drivers of dual go karts must be 18+ to ride with a minor.

Schumacher Kart – These are the karts used at the Michael Schumacher (F1 World Champion) Kart Centre in Germany

All new Go Karting drivers start on this level. Children must be a minimum of 8 years old and 1.45m tall to drive their own kart. Once you’ve mastered the Schumacher Kart, you’ll be able to try out for a Senna Kart provided you also meet the age & height requirements.

Senna Kart (15+) – The Late Ayrton Senna (F1 World Champion) stated that karting is the purest form of racing, come in and see what he meant

This Go Kart is for the real thrill seeker. You must be a minimum of 150cm tall and 15 years of age to ride Senna Go Kart and upwards.

Brock Kart (18+) – A true professional ride!
Be the King of the Mountain!!

At Kart World’s discretion and following a qualifying number of races you will be invited to try out the Brock level kart. A true karting professional that wants the buzz of driving a powerful, superbly maintained go kart. Our handpicked, most advanced and powerful karts are by far the fastest rental karts in Australia!

Hand Control Kart – Yes the only one of its kind in Australia!

This kart was modified by us to allow those drivers who have a hand controlled car the opportunity to have a go in a go kart. Just because you do not have the same leg use as others does not mean you have to watch your mates have all the fun.

All karting is subject to Kart World’s racing rules