Kart World Karting Classes are Back!

This month I was given the task of bringing back Kart World Belmont’s Karting Classes for Kids. I was excited about beginning the campaign as I personally believe that providing young drivers the opportunity to get out on the road is highly beneficial.

Not only is Go-Karting fun for young children (and all ages of course), but it improves a driver’s reflexes and consistency on the track. It is a world wide known fact that nearly all professional drivers, whether it be V8 Super Cars or those in Formula 1, began their journey in the four-wheeled vehicle.

Our Karting Classes focus on targeting the main elements of what it takes to be a safe, fast, consistent and comfortable driver. Thus, developing precision of motor vehicle control, understanding of mechanical set-up, heightened awareness of safety and decision-making, and team building.

There is such a bigger picture when it comes to recreational Go-Karting. According to The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (2014) there are at least 772 road fatalities in Australia. In order to raise awareness to this high statistic, Kart World Belmont has designed a four lesson course which will aim to implement positive and effective relationships between young teenagers/adults and motor vehicles . Australia’s future.

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Our Karting Classes are for ages 10-16years old.
Must be 145cms tall.
All lessons will be 45mins with 15mins prior arrival.

Enquire now and immerse your child in this highly beneficial opportunity.

For all enquiries contact: Ai-Thien Nguyen at marketing@kartworldbelmont.com.au

or Call (08) 9479 1200 NOW!