Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…Christmas Time Is Near!

CorporateXmasBlog1Many of our corporate clients at Kart World come here for their work social events because they’re recognising the safety issues associated with their staff drinking too much.

Australian culture has always been about those after work beers, or getting smashed at the work christmas do, but in the last few years Australian workplaces have focused on the safety and well-being.

You might want to host a work party that doesn’t go against all that fitness for work education and zero tolerance to drug and alcohol rules you instil in your staff all year long.

CorporateXmasBlog3During 2015 there were a couple of alcohol related accidents at workplace social events.  In one case a young apprentice suffered severe burns after too much alcohol effected the judgement of workers at a social event.  The company was later found negligent in court because it was found to have let workers consume alcohol over a long period of time with no limits.

If this is a concern for you, then Kart World provides an opportunity for you to give your team a natural high through a booked session or day event.

Any drinking is BYO and postponed until after the racing, so you can control the risk.

You can prevent an extended drinking session that could lead to poor decision and safety being compromised, not to mention the unwanted attention from inebriated men being directed toward female staff and the potential for your staff to be charged with drink driving.

Work social events go off smoothly at Kart World with participants leaving on a high, having expended some energy, had fun, had some thrills….and all without getting drunk.CorporateXmasBlog4

Many people have commented that its the best work party they’ve ever been to.  Basically your staff discover an alternative way to have fun and build team spirit with their colleagues without drinking way too much.

End the year safely with a function at Kart World, you’ll be glad you did.