Super Mario 30 years this year – and we want to celebrate in style!

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You have probably heard about our competition by now, the one that is coming up next week here at Kart World Belmont. Our Mario Kart Dress-up competition, and oh boy are we excited! It is not rare that people come in for birthday-parties and buck-nights dress up in all different outfits, but if there is something we enjoy more than anything else it is to see people race around our track as Mario or anyone of his mates.

So what is the reason for this competition? 

On the 13th September 2015, Super Mario and his brother Luigi celebrated their 30th birthday! Mario first hit the home console scene with the 1985’s game Super Mario Bros. It was an immediate success and spin-offs, movies and television tie-ins have been around ever since.  262 million copies of Mario – games later and this guy is still a super hero in our hearts. So why is the Go karting game so popular? Can it be because Go Karting is incredible addictive; it makes your adrenaline rush, your heart beats faster and and that competitive streak in you come out like never before. We think so, in fact, we see it on our track daily. People having an amazing time, and it is actually a lot better in real life than through a tv-screen!

For us here at Kart World, this guy is a legend in more than one way. He saved the princess numerous of times (an inspiration to all of us), he has made the Italian accent Oh so cool, and did we mention that he is a master when it comes to Go Karting? He also seem to be a genuinely great guy. So we see no reason not to celebrate this guy in style! Come in any time this week, dress as Mario, Luigi, or anyone else from Super Mario Bros, and take a picture of yourself go karting at Kart World Belmont. By uploading the picture to Facebook, instagram or twitter (and of course most important of all – tag us in the picture) you will be in the draw to win a race on our track. In the name of Super Mario!

And make sure to check out the video below! It is shot a couple of years ago in the US (So it is not on our track!) but the video is too awesome not to share. How about some real life Mario Karting?