Father’s Day Competition

We loved our Father’s Day Packages that we decided to give one away to one lucky Dad!

Over the mad rush of Father’s Day we took to social media to find one lucky Dad that would have the honour of winning a package of his choice. We also gave the opportunity to everyone who came into Kart World over the weekend to enter as well.

All you had to do was “Tell us in 25words or less, why your Dad, or Father figure, should be the winner of our Kart World Spoil Your Dad Packages”

When I arrived into work on Monday morning I found myself overwhelmed with the beautiful things that everyone had to say about their Dad. Let’s take a look;

“My dad is the best dad ever and he always treats us to things and then spoils us like no other dad. My dad deserves this prize” Laura

“Because my dad works very hard and at the moment he is renovating our laundry and he is the best dad in the WORLD!!” Chelsea

I loved that each entrant had something unique to say about their dad and found something to thank him for.

However, there could only be one winner.

The winner of our Father’s Day competition went to Adam Fisher and his dad Tony. Adam described that “…My dad should win is because me and my dad have been wanting to do go karting for a very long time together and have never been and just simply because I have the best dad ever”

I called the very excited Adam and the Fisher family came in that day to pick up their prize!

Fathers Day Winner 3 small for website

Congratulations Tony for being an awesome dad!

Thank you to everyone who entered and to all the dads for being special in their own unique way!

All the best,

Kart World Belmont Team

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