Kart World Rap Supertsar!

Hey Superstar! 
Wanna win a 3-Race value pack?! 
Post or Send us a video of yourself rapping our Kart World rap for your chance to win and have your rap featured on our Youtube and Facebook page!  https://www.facebook.com/kartworldbelmont
Big or small,
Are you READY for some fun?
Are you 10years? 145cms tall?
Not to worry if that’s not you
Hire a twin,
Where steering is for Two.
Grab a helmet,
Jump into our Kart
STEADY driving is the art.
Roaring engines, Twisty turns,
Super kart racer, Makes the tummy churn.
So what to do when you’re out of our pits?
Come Inside our cafe,
GO! and get some of our tasty, all-new CHIPS.