10 year old girl, a karting sensation

Alisha 110 year old girl already proving herself to be a karting star – taking Motor Enthusiasts across the world by storm.

As the motor enthusiasts that we are here at Kart World Belmont, we tend to be the first to hear when things happen in our industry that are slightly out of the normal. The latest news hit us on Sunday and came all the way from Liverpool, UK, where a 10 year old girl is taking the Go Karting World by storm.

Alisha Roland went go karting with her father for the first time a year ago, and after showing some great skills on the track and overtaking several boys, her father decided to give her a kart of her own. Motor enthusiasts across the world are indeed happy he did, as his daughter seems to be somewhat of a rising star in the karting world. In just a year, Alisha’s skills on the track has given her opportunities to kart all over Europe, impressing not only the motor sport in the UK, but the world. She is now gearing up to feature on Sky Sports Formula 1 show. A true talent and already used to hitting the track at 70mph, we are certain that we will see more of this girl in the future!

Being an indoor go karting place ourselves, we often see fathers and mothers bring their children in for some karting fun, and it is not uncommon that our staff are left speechless with the lack of fear and overwhelming determination that these kids show on the track. Especially interesting is it when girls, just like Alisha, take a seat in our karts and show the boys that there is a inner racer within all of us!

At Kart World Belmont we are always amazed when we hear stories such as the one about Alisha in the UK, and as the school holidays has begun we hope to see some of our WA kids transform in to future formula 1 drivers as well! Why not bring your kids down for a day on our track, and see where the future takes them?


Alisha in the center in pink uniform at Sky Sports F1

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