How To Choose The Best Driving Line

Best LineWe can’t all be a racing superstar on our first couple of races. The good news is that with a few tips and tricks up your sleeve you can improve your lap times and improve your racing style. One of the easiest ways to improve your lap times is to make sure you’re choosing the best racing line. The choice of racing line is one of the elements that will determine your speed and add to your fun experience. Here are some tips to get you started.

The Basics

A racing line refers to the path taken by a go-kart driver for the fastest corners. Before you start on your racing, understand the important aspects of a racing line. These include the turn-in point, apex, braking, and exit point. If you know the best way to go about these features, then you have half the job done. Information on where to approach from when racing will determine how well you progress along the line. The outer edge is always a better pick.

Braking Point

Several aspects will come into play when choosing the braking point. You will have to consider the condition of the brakes, your weight, how fast you can decrease the speed, among others. For a first timer, it’s advisable to brake early. An experienced driver can have a smaller braking area. Avoid braking when turning because then tyres can lose traction. It’s always best to maintain a straight line when braking. Go slow on the approach and increase speed as you exit. If you are looking to increase your lap speed, then waiting until the last minute to break will help.

Turn-in Point and Apex

Getting the turn-in point right will dictate how good the line is. You need to avoid turning in too late or too early. Miscalculations of the turning point will cause you to miss the apex point. The apex refers to the closest point on the inside of a corner. It is advisable to familiarise with the track beforehand to know where the apex points are located. Sometimes it may be hard to see them when you are driving. There are several strategies to use when cornering such as minimising the sharpness of the turn, carrying speed around the corner, and powering on early in the race.


When exiting, go for a smooth curve and let the go-kart glide to the outside edge. Using a wide line is one of the best ways to carry more momentum for the exit.

Remember to ask our Pit Crew for their tips on the best line for corners at the track.  They’re always willing to help drivers make the most of their experience at Kart World Belmont.