Little Master Steals Kart World’s Cricket bat

At a visit to Kart World Belmont during their Perth test match visit earlier this year, Sanchin Tendulkar and his team stole a bat from Kart World Belmont and never returned it.

Eric Purvis, the managing director at Kart World Belmont said, “We had bought the cheap bat from Kmart and asked the Indian cricket team to sign it. They said they would, and took it back to their hotel for the team members who did not attend the go-karting and team building event to sign it. They said they would leave it at the hotel for collection. They never left it at the hotel.”

Mr Purvis continued, “Now that Tendulkar is retiring, it would have been great to have this bat on display at our venue as a memento of their visit.” He went on, “I hope Mr Tendulkar and his team have been able to put my Kmart bat to good use.”